I'm so sick of dumb project managers, they want "updates" but then they reply with "I didn't understand any of that but it sounds like it's going well"

I literally have a PM who does it all the time, at this point I could talk to him in another language, and he'd just say "Great, sounds like its going well" then proceed to ask for updated a couple hours later *hardfacdpalm*

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    How important do you think it is for a PM to understand the technical side of a project?

    It seems like PMs with actual PM experience is rare, even rarer to find one that has experience on the technical side of things. I feel like it would make a world of difference if there were more PMs striving for that PMP license.

    At my current job, there is a PM with another team, who is overseeing a Wordpress site, but they're applying software-level principals to their management. They're micromanaging the other team with tasks that aren't really useful to getting something as basic as a Wordpress site done. But that's the way that PM understands tech, so they're stuck with that paradigm and fighting questions like, "Why haven't you written unit tests for these Wordpress templates yet?" and "Who is doing QA on the default post type?" So glad I'm not with their team...
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    Next time say a bunch of technical jargon mumbo jumbo that insinuates you're bringing prod down, just to see his reaction.
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    "everything is breaking, we have no idea how long the investigation will take, aliens are attacking, satan is at the door and the office dog has diarrhoea"

    "But you are investigating, right?"

    "We are"

    "Cool, so it's ready for tomorrow, bye"

    "I never said... Damn."
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    Omg my PM thinks i am an alien 🤣🤣🤣
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    Since I wrote this rant I realised that I'm actually happy with this PM being like this... Looking back on my past experiences and reading @CatFoodParty 's reply I definitely prefer to not be understood but left alone, then being understood and micromanaged into oblivion

    Also @CatFoodParty I've never heard of anyone asking for unit tests on a WordPress site, I would literally laugh in that guys face if I even heard that during a stand-up 😂
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    Updates are important, they ensure stability and security.
    Perhaps you can install a PM that doesn't need to be rebooted so frequently and isn't so insecure.
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