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    ... It is not?
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    Like ... you could I guess.

    They're all options...
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    Performed xd
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    >both genders

    Hoh boy, don't go to twitter
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    With WebAssembly practically any language can do backend and frontend.
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    - meme format improperly used
    - shitty joke about how javascript sucks somehow
    - brand new account, clearly karma farming
    - makes provocative statement about sex

    And following up this criticism, there will most likely be

    - someone telling me to go fuck myself
    - someone defending OP, probably also low rep or even OP themself
    - a circlejerk about something completely unrelated

    bonus points if OP screams angry shit then deletes it later.

    devRant spam account starter kit.
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    @junon hi junon, it’s all just fun...no need to get so angry. I’m simply just not a fan of JavaScript.
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    1. It’s an old quote about Java
    2. I can see no problem with anal sex performed on both genders
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