Does that look like a bug ? Or a feature ? It requires a considerable amount of time and effort to develop unattended remote access. How do these people develop such a feature as "mistake".

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    Looks like government requested feature.
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    @Demolishun use closed source software and let NSA decide when to fix your security vulnerability.
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    I think, they mean the SSH access.

    You can enable that and the log into it (did it only with root and the pw is the webinterface password for root as well).

    I usually prefer it since I can make the server download its own images directly or otherwise interact with files more easily.
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    @LinusCDE Is it SSH access or something like a command injection ? If it's authenticated SSH access then it can never be a bug. It's essentially a feature.

    Even if it's command injection then it's highly unexpected from experienced professionals. Every single web developers are aware about SQL injections and VMWare engineers are not aware about command injection. Hard to believe.
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    @neel-basu The I probably missed the point. The VMware stuff seems to me like they would consider SSH a bad thing.

    I have chosen to do VMware in a optional course instead of proxmox (worst decision ever) and even the tutor fails to get the all ESXi hosts into vSAN to make HA work (maybe a hardware failt or inconsistency).

    I find it funny, that one has meticiously follow every single button press in a UI after a tutorial. Certain ways are known to work, and if you ever deviate, the bug can be blamed on the one not following 100.0% of the procedure from some internet post for the specific version because one thought the UI would offer you reasonable options and not some broken or otherwise incompatible ways of setting it up.

    I guess, once it's set up, it'll be alright. But I still get the feeling that bugs get turned into salaries to pay the people who can click the right button sequences because they now all the (probably never fixed) bugs and how to steer around them.
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