My first year at the Uni I believed I was "superior" to others as I knew Python and they knew C.

I'd give my kidney to someone who can go back in time and bang some sense into my empty skull.

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    At least you didn’t ask questions in class that try to make yourself look smarter and better than everyone else, right?
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    @phat-lasagna no. That I didn't. But thats mostly because
    1. I stopped attending classes beyond the bare minimum attendance
    2. The teachers gave me a mouthful for using descriptive variable names like "firstNumber" instead of a b c. That's when I gave up hope.
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    why? are you a kernel developer? driver or embedded developer?

    Don't get me wrong, C is cool and knowledge of it is awesome. But unless you are doing embedded dev for the big firms you are not getting paid more than the dudester doing frontend react dev, so who the fuck cares?

    don't let some false sense of pussy ass elitism dictate your opinions dude.

    Source: has friends that are doing core shit in c and cpp and making way the fuck less than I am as a fullstack web dev. Like i am going to give a flying fuck about superiority when the all mighty paper is the one that wins.
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    I'm planning to enter Uni maybe next year, and well, the plan is to keep a low profile with everything programming related because I don't want my classmates swarming me looking for help.

    And I will enter just because of my parents, they want me to have a degree on software engineering.
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    Big oof
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    Later you'll give something else to someone to go back and stop you giving up your kidney
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    @AleCx04 Sad, but true.
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    When you suddenly realize, that you actually are part of the 0.01% of all devs, which really do benefit from using C for their projects...
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    Extremely big oof m8. I would’ve given you the required slap gladly if it meant that you were going to learn C more instead of Python. It is my bane of existence on many levels.
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