If I see "React is revolutionary" one more time....

If you think React or React Hooks are innovative or are implemented correctly or performantly at all, you're a sheep.

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    React is the most revolutionary skills crutch since the last revolutionary skills crutch.
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    React is pretty cool, but definitely waaay overhyped
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    @10Dev agreed, yet the *concepts* that it builds on are great, IMO. But yes, react is inefficient in some sense.
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    Using OOP in front-end development of revolutionary, React is just a tool that allows it.
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    Let's just say, "React is not revolutionary". Then what is revolutionary? Vuejs? Or Angular? Something else?

    If you look at flutter, in their official doc they wrote, "flutter is inspired by react".
    Just think about it for a second. Google is a direct rival of Facebook, but still Google took inspiration from react and they are openly writing it into their website! Can you imagine how good a tech has to be to be taken inspiration from?

    And if you look at the react ecosystem, it is huge! People love creating things for it. Just think about the vanilla HTML/JS vs react situation. How good it has to be for developers with few years of working experience in vanilla HTML/JS ditching everything behind and building things in react?

    So, I guess you got my point :)
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    @Xoka a thing does not have to be revolutionary to be good.
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    @Xoka Because a big company pushes something doesn't make it better.
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