I would build something to go in space. Probably in the energy or propulsion field.

I have zero Knowledge in those, but hey, unlimited time.

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    I'd build immortality !
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    Re. Space things, I'd suggest to start with either a sling shot satellite launcher, or a tethered airship satellite launch platform, which an elevator up to it from the ground station.

    Or maybe one of those new fancy spaceplanes that can take off on a normal runway.

    If we had a space elevator, we could attach a whacking great big cable and send all that nice solar power down to us down here.

    Of course, we have to build those orbiting solar arrays with drone tech..

    Perhaps from Asteroid materials..

    Suddenly feels like an episode of The Expanse..

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    Unlimited time doesn't mean unlimited knowledge
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    @electrineer true but it comes pretty close I would say.
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