Not 3 weeks have passed and I am almost at where I was in the SwiftUI version of my app but this time in UIKit. Conclusion? SwiftUI slowed me down, significantly.

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    OOF! Well, at least it's "only" 3 weeks I guess, could've been much longer, GL with the rest of the app :D keep us updated
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    @SoldierOfCode I just finished implementing ranting and commenting on the rewrite. I am literally commenting in here from the app.
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    Is it open source? Can we contribute?
    It's a pity that you have ditched SwiftUI and now I’m kinda into that idea of trying to make SwiftUI devRant myself. 😄
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    @Lensflare More than half of the codebase is just UIKit with SwiftUI wrappers, I swear. The project is very open-source but I don’t really think that I will ever open this up again since I **ALREADY** caught up to the progress I made on SwiftUI with UIKit, less than three weeks after ditching SwiftUI. I am not coming back to it and I am going to continue in UIKit, but if you wanna fork the project for yourself, here it is:

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    Do you intent to publish it on the App Store at some point in time?
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    @Lensflare I don’t have permission from @dfox and he said it’s not open for discussion... It was meant for personal use and maybe in the future could serve as a barebones UI template for another social media, who knows honestly. But first and foremost, this project is also going to be one of the first things in my resume because developing such a complicated app at 17 years old is thought to be pretty darn impressive, I would say.
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    What where the problems? Speak, dammit! I plan on using it
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    1. UIKit transitions

    Without accessing the underlying main UIHostingController (which is defeating the whole point of SwiftUI), you can’t animate anything with existing UIKit animations. You will have to replicate them by yourself, getting inconsistent experience compared to the rest of the OS that uses mostly UIKit.

    2. 3 words: IN-COM-PLETE

    It is what it is, man. Most of the time you are going to waste your precious, precious damn time creating wrappers for UIKit view controllers and views. Half of my fucking project in SwiftUI was filled with wrappers and just UIKit and stupid workarounds and hacks and unsafe accesses to the main UIHostingController (and I think that these accesses are not going to pass Apple app review at ALL).

    But after all, it depends on what you are trying to make. If you’re looking for something extensive that lets you make whatever you want, fucking forget about it. Otherwise, go crazy.
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    @PurgeXenos I'm on the other spectrum of it and can recommend SwiftUI even though it's true that it's incomplete.
    But it's not been a huge problem for me because I could just use UIKit in places where SwiftUI had missing parts.
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    @OmerFlame Okay, thanks for sharing. Seems SwiftUI is little rough on edges. I did try it a year ago for simple list app, it was good so it is interesting to hear expanded perspective. Thanks :)
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