I'm starting a new job next week so I don't currently have a desk, but my boyfriend loves the cross stitched Yoshis I made for him!

Also, fuck cross stitching. It's the worst. I'm never doing it again. What was supposed to be a Christmas gift turned into a belated Valentine's gift.

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    Really cute :3
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    this is really cool
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    Maybe you can automate it?
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    @Jumpshot44 Amusingly, my mom is A Big Deal in the home machine embroidery world, and I also own an embroidery machine. I think that's one of the reasons I found the process so intolerably tedious and slow.

    But the look of the two is really different.
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    Awesome, I love it, what a Lucky guy ! Gonna ask for the same for Christmas for sure (guess I won't have it though, gonna have to print the picture instead)
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