I made a point to the management that people are unnecessarily reworking things and throwing away. And all products should have a product owner and they should give requirements. So the management called the same guy(who fucking does pointless rewrites in the name of code cleanup) and said come up with a solution. The guy came with a solution of Agile + Jira and a whole fucking process behind it. So guess what, we are having pointless meetings when we can just finish and ship deliverables.

The management successfully founded an efficient way to effectively waste time. Kuddos.

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    Management's solution will almost always include additional process.
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    Well, you kinda only can blame yourself...
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    @Ronald processes are great, if and only if they improve the current scenario. If they make matters worse, we will keep circling over the same issues.
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    @Arlekin hmmm I don't have to actually :). If I don't tell them what's wrong in the team, then they will never know. Paying someone 8k/sgd who only sits rewriting code without any requirements, it's a waste of resources. I'm happy that I told them, and I will again tell them is this is bad. Eventually the benifitiary always has to be the company.
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