Downloading Ubuntu from the Windows Store!

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    The best windows app!
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    @bjorngi finally - something useful!
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    @jarodsmk Are you sure it's actually of any use :P
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    Actually i am using bash on windows for development purposes on daily basis. It has quite improved since first release. Some functions still don't work but it still gets a lot of work done. I am using it to code a REST api (python-flask-mysqldb) at the moment btw.
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    SQL server is up on AUR now. I'm gonna take a wild guess (bc I honestly haven't looked) that it's not a user compiled app.. which is why I won't even test it.. says the bi developer!

    Likewise, I seem to I saw an argument up on GitHub a while back about bash on windows bc they don't release the source for that either, or only pieces... point there was what's there to hide on software that's literally evolved over 2.5 decades as free software. Now they have the secret sauce? Come on. 🚫🤔

    ..now I have to go look at the AUR package and see what's actually installed!
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    Can something like this work inside windows bash?
    Its a fedora chroot (can also use proot)
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