Trying to understand why do I have a course on Software Engineering which consists 80% of lectures on what Agile and Scrum mean.

Why can't we get to implement a project and work on agile as we go? 😐😣

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    Had agile software engineering.

    Had a group project component.

    I did all the work myself the last few weeks.

    Nothing was learned about agile.
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    Coding bootcamps are great. One day on agile scrum to get the basics spend the next day doing the scrum planning meeting then the next working in 2 hour sprints
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    Had this at my study with documentation. With every project, around 7/8 out of 10 weeks would be spent on documentation. Everything's motivation was instantly gone with the start of every new project
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    I am from Bangalore too and am in sophomore of engineering.
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    @BirdLawExpert I agree. Agile is good at what it does but unless the newbies know how useful it is practically, there is no point of the course. Coding boot camps are excellent places to pick up best practices.
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    @linuxxx documentation is good to have, but the problem with SE is that it focuses more on the documentation while sidelining the code which makes so sense.

    "What are you documenting if nothing works?"
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    @arkokoley its why i am paying thousands for a course i could mostly get free (i learned python alone). Its the best practices and kearning things like agile that you dont know you need to know.
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