Ok so first off i cant get my damn mic working, despite every setting change i can find and every driver update i can do and every damn mic i've used. Then i try updating windows ten because maybe thats the problem, sure enough after i've done that my whole damn computer is messed up. Even opening folders or applications take between five and ten minutes. Not to mention i can't open my windows settings to rollback. I literally build and fix computers for a living and yet i have not clue what else i can do at this point. Think i might renounce technology and float off into the Atlantic on a plank of wood :/

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    Have you tried to start talking
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    What you can do? Getting rid of the problem:
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    What @Fast-Nop said.
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    What hardware are you running? It's possible your sound chip is bricked, had that once. Did you try running it with an external sound card?

    Also sounds like your machine runs on a hard drive and/or said drive is failing, that's kind of the only time I've had Windows do the kind of thing you're talking about. Try changing that or upgrading to a SSD?

    Another way to verify would be putting some Linux distro on a USB drive and booting from that, or booting from a different drive with Win 10 installed.
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