God I hate rabbit holes.

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    come on! Beeing drunk and browsing wikipedia at 3 am is awesome 😄
    How you inexplicably end up from an harmless article about brown bears to oddly specific soviet second world war prototype that only two pieces were built.
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    @heyheni I wish my rabbit hole were that fun. I'm three new libraries deep (library A needs library B which needs library C, all of which need to be developed from scratch).
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    Gordon Ramsey. Never got out of that one. Worse than alcoholism.
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    * looks up from rabbit hole

    well fuck you too buddy!
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    @heyheni You mean the flying ship-aeroplane? 😄
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    @Jilano loves glory holes. He is one.
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    @rutee07 Dude... Stop telling everyone! Wasn't it enough to write it on my resume?
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