Guys? Is creating a girl chat bot considered cheating?

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    Maybe you should invest your time in the gf instead of such bot.

    It's only cheating if the bot passes for the Turing test or if your girlfriend doesn't.
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    sad, i don't have one :(
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    What does your current chat bot have to say about it?
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    men can't create girl chat bots, because ultimately it's a reflection of yourself and your manly fantasies of what a female should be.
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    @heyheni on point
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    @heyheni "You're so right, my stud. Hihihi they're awful at everything they do! You, on the other hand..." *rawr* x'D

    Edit: I blame @rutee07
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    You seemed desperate mate. Become a high paid slave then find a GF. Girls like guys who have a high salary. Well that's the reality.
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    Who would you be cheating on? Yourself?
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    @Devnergy nah just wondering...
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    Depends, do you have another girl chat bot?
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    @mundo03 probably a bot named anna 😄

    Basshunter - boten anna
    🎥 BASSHUNTER Boten Anna - (The original 2006 Swedish version)
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    @kjing start building or be the first one to actually date siri and become a legend. It would be hard because i'm sure she's a gold digger
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    @Jilano I'm a pretty good bot. No one has suspected me yet.
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    @rutee07 That's true, except your "berserk" and "sleep" mode buttons are way too close together
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