Best Dev experience: Switching to rust,
Worst Dev Experience: Using VS code at work because I can't get anything else approved to be installed.

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    What are you using rust for?
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    @Marl3x I'm consolidating many python, Fortran, and Excel/VBA Structural/Mechnical Engineering tools into one application.
    Currently experimenting with GUI frameworks that are being developed (namely; Conrod, Druid, and Iced).
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    @gibus what do you want to use instead of VS code for rust?
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    @mundo03 indeed, Rust Analyzer works very well with it. But, I still barely prefer the IntelliJ Rust plugin
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    @mundo03 any IntelliJ IDE with the rust plugin.
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    @Geoxion @gibus
    I used intelliJ in school a few years back, never liked it.
    Then discovered the amazing world of text editors and terminals, and right now I feel I don't need anything else.
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    I'm lazy the less I need to think about the more I can focus on just getting it done.

    I like having quality of life features like autocomplete, build configuration dropdown, auto-indents, structure viewer, split-screen, one-click version control, diff viewer, autosave, code analysis, plugins for markdown etc.

    VScode is just a clunky text editor with a laggy terminal and some of these things are sort of working. So for that reason it's marginally better than notepad (my only other option at work).
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    @gibus funny I read all the stuff you need and ghat is what I have.

    I agree the terminal is laggy, I use my regular terminal.

    I can agree real IDEs can give you mire things, I just haven't needed anything they provide yet.
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    @mundo03 I feel I can be more productive in an IDE. VSCode with Rust Analyzer is also pretty much an IDE already 😅
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