Not related but fuck man here in Poland today

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    As a Brit I'm jealous. If I could just have one full day below 0°C to get rid of this perpetual humidity that would be dobry.
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    How cold? Was -43c for me past week :)
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    @MaxMayo be glad you are not around here in Poland l, especially in the south part. The smog is so thick that you can see it covering whole cities... It happens each year during winter.
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    Today it was 15C, last week it was -10C. I love where I live /sarcasm
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    Waiting for the one Canadian guy on dev rant to put all of us to shame with something like -40c
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    @JavaRules or worse might have a developer at one of the poles that would make us all look like wimps.

    ps for the smartasses that think "one of the poles" is funny I'm not talking about the kind of pole your mother dances on
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    Please accept and take our 40°C days from Australia! I personally wouldn't survive a sub-zero day (since I've lived here forever), but I'd like to at least half our temperatures!
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