- survived 2020 and all its woes.
RIP those that didn't.

- delivered a major project this year that felt like it never wanted to end.
Scope creep.... nope, scope realignment kills the soul.

- hired a competent dev!!! 🥳 Not being a SoloDev is a weird feeling!

- pay rise during a pandemic, that was a nice touch.


- dealt with several useless contractors and ended up redoing most of the work myself.

- don't lie to me when you say you *can* do something, only to throw yourself into a complex rabbit hole you can't dig yourself out of.

- major project took 500% longer then originally scoped - it was only meant to be a tight 6 weeks, not an excruciating never ending list of changes and rebuilds 🤯
good thing I get paid regardless - but I don't think the burnout was worth the while.


- let's see what the world has on offer to try and burn me out of existence this time!

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