Best: Got my first dev job a month before I graduated my bootcamp. Was hired till rona layoffs started happening. Found another dev job 4 months later, and just received a promotion from said job just before going on holiday leave.

Worst: Being laid off for those 4 months. Sure unemployment + stimulus got me through financially, but mentally and emotionally I was starting to crack. I had thought I broke through the barrier with that first job and was going to be set. That layoff threw a wrench in my whole plan. In those 4 months unemployed I developed some imposter syndrome. Regardless, I plugged along with my side projects. One company was really impressed with one of them and was using a similar stack for an upcoming project, so luckily they ended up hiring me. Confidence restored.

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    Sorry but where do you live?

    I'm not that good and getting a job offer takes me 2 weeks tops. Don't understand stories like yours. Doing side projects already makes you better than my colleagues.
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    @craig939393 no worries, I’m from Denver, CO. Well having no job gave me plenty of time for side projects and learning new things. Because I didn’t have more than a few months of working experience those side projects really had to showcase my skills.
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