Worst: lost my job due to the pandemic, and struggling to get interviews! Yes in spite of how well i did at my previous role (and please don’t give me crap about how they never would’ve laid me off if I was good, you’re just saying that to stroke your golden e-penis, you fucking reptilian scumbag) and with all that “experience” on my resume, I’m apparently not smart enough for these companies to even bother with. Yes if i kept failing tests a blind monkey would pass i would question my ability but that’s not the case. Yes my stack may be old but learning these newer tech stacks that recruiters love is a total cakewalk for me! They do so much cognitive lifting for you that I worry that if I don’t practice lower level stuff my mental capacity will diminish which is why I still solve leetcode problems lol.
Let’s not forget, I lost my dog this year too ☹️

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    Never had I've seen a developer layed off due to underperforming. It's mostly change of direction, budget cuts, loss of sales or (most commonly) mismanaged funds. They do always frame it as the engineer is underperforming... Fucking Cunts
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    @HitWRight As long as the company has enough better-perfoming candidates they can hire and money isn't a problem... There's a ton of self-taught "devs" who get overwhelming chills as soon as a project gets too complex for a single person, and who can't properly evaluate their solutions and edge cases because online tutorials only ever taught them how to make the basic working solution. Also lots of devs have no motivation to improve or change their ways, so a good-standing company would either keep them doing their thing while giving new projects to someone else, or replace them if it outweighs the hassle.
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    They even told me it wasn’t performance related plus I had excellent appraisals and got a raise, bonus, and a great reputation there. It was totally a business failure, it happens. Especially in this pandemic. People get cut, even good ones
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