Someone please create a tinder for average people. I don't want to be forever alone.

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    Good news, there's very little chance you'll find anyone meaningful through Tinder.
    Now go be interesting and meet people (doesn't have to be physically at first).
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    Tinder for average people?
    Isn't that called a one night stand and not a tinder hookup?
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    @C0D4 average looking peope.
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    I thought tindr *was* for average people 🤣
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    date lower caste girls 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    i recently read something about tinder in vs code for programmer. maybe that's fun

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    There already is a Tinder for average people.

    It's called Church.
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    Have you thought of the specifics for such app? Like how does one even define average looking? Face value? Like an app calculating what is your beauty scale between 1-10? And depending on your ethnicity and preference ethnicity of the other potential person to match with you can get a score boost?
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    Just go on dates with randoms, and get them to talk about themselves. If you like what you hear, arrange a second date. Proceed from there to the rest.
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    Tinder is degenerate, you’re not going to find a partner worth keeping through an app like that.
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    Try getting Tinder gold. I haven't tested it personally but a friend of mine got it and he's been getting a bunch of matches. Also, ask someone to take some good pictures of you. If you have mirror selfies on there delete them, they're the worst.
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    I tried tinder for a bit and it was a mostly miserable experience. Gave up on it a while ago, I have to actually go outside to meet anyone, and rely on friends, family, and acquaintances to meet anyone because randomly talking to someone is not something you can do nowadays. Not where I live anyway.
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    @SortOfTested average looking peope.
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    @heyheni wait what ?
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    You're missing a golden opportunity. Instead of waiting for someone else to make it, you could be the driving force behind Uggos: Tinder for the Visibly Challenged. Or even Tindia: Tinder for Desis who Don't Put Work Into Their Appearance.

    You got this! Get that paper :D
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    @ars1 Where do you live?
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    It's actually much harder to make that work than you might think.

    At first glance you think, make it more efficient than current dating apps, but that is the wrong direction to take, since if you do that, then all the best folk will get the best folk, and nothing left for the rest of us..

    What you really want is the worlds worst designed dating app..

    Facebook seems to fit that profile !

    The only problem is, its so awful, you can't necessarily meet anyone else there either..
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    The nearest I've seen anyone get to a working solution over the decades is Yahoo Chat, that had local rooms, and limited you to 50 users per room.

    Sometimes I'd log in a decoy to park in another room and keep the competition busy..

    I got lots of dates from there.
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    I disagree with tinder as a concept. Though some people seem to have luck (I know someone who is now engaged to her tinder date) most of the people I know that use it have given up on finding love and just use it for sex. I think looking to meet people around you with similar interests may be a better shot. Sometimes you meet someone nice and don't go into it wanting a romantic relationship but get there anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    @Elyz can I ++ this more than once? I tried Tinder once, but it's far too shallow for finding anything serious.
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    Just where do you meet local people though ?

    I'm reminded reading earlier about folk who have spent all last week not even getting dressed, let alone going out !

    I guess maybe if you deliver the post you might meet folk..

    Though I'm reminded of a post person a little while away here, who killed themselves last year, and they was on local dating sites.

    I've pondered the best place might be the local shops, obviously not at the moment with covid-19 since many people visit shops !

    Except those who shop online..
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    One of the problems with average people is they tend to be split into two groups:

    Group A, will date anyone.

    Group B, will only date above average people.

    When you in group A, average and only fancy folk in group B, you are rather stuffed !
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    @Nanos More like not stuffed at all
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    @Nanos yeah definitely hard to do at the moment but I think there's probably also plenty of people who are bored of sitting around at home and just wanna talk to someone. Maybe look for things like local Facebook groups (yes yes I know, but you gotta go where the people are). You don't have to expose yourself to contagion if you don't want to. Could always find people to go for walks/runs with outdoors.
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    Problem with local Facebook groups, is when there aren't any..

    I did join a local walking group, it had one other person who has since moved away !

    As both of us was single, but of the same gender and neither of us gay, that didn't really help much..
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    Find a hobby that requires more than one person in the room.
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    @vane That ^

    @rutee07 it's orgy time
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    @Jilano Maybe OP's a cuckold, that could work too.
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    @vane If the music classes I'll be resuming next year don't do it, I'll lose all hope.
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    @ars1 You have to realize that it’s your life and you have all power to make it like you want it.
    Instead of being afraid live like you want, talk to people.
    Don’t be scared to fail and don’t be rude - if somebody don’t want to talk.
    Don’t be scared that people will laugh at you.
    They’re laughing cause they’re scared to make first step.
    You even don’t have to be pretty to get some star model girl to live with, you just need to be funny, helpful and less annoying then other people around - meaning you have to know what you want and have courage to say it out loud.
    Living together is not about staring at each other. With whole technology around your body can be fixed by money and physical exercises but your character can’t.
    You need to work hard to do it and nobody can help you.
    Good Luck !

    PS. Accept yourself and who you are.
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    @rutee07 Hum, you might be onto something, here
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    @SortOfTested it is for average people to swap right on good looking people.it is a mind hack for average joe to make them think they have a chance.
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    But that usually results in a room full of same gender single folk..
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    > You have to realize that it’s your life and

    > you have all power to make it like you want it.

    Only if you have the resources, if not, then you are powerless to do anything about it.

    The best you can do is stop trying.

    > Don’t be scared to fail

    I'm not sure repeated failure really helps.

    > Don’t be scared that people will laugh at you.

    It gets tiring when people do though.
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    > you just need to be funny, helpful and

    > less annoying then other people around

    There is a bit more to it than that !

    I can have people wetting themselves with laughter, but that isn't enough..

    I'm so helpful, I'm practically a saint !

    I remember experimenting once and trying to be a right dickhead, unhelpful, rude, etc.

    Oddly I got a lot of interest..

    But that isn't me.

    Still, makes you wonder..
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    > PS. Accept yourself and who you are.

    Oh I tried that one for 10 years, doesn't work !

    No, you need to find out what the key variables are, where you fall short, and if there is anything you can do to improve yourself.

    If there is, work on those areas.

    If not, find a new hobby..

    Now the real debate is, what are those key variables..

    Is it a car ?

    Is it your own house ?

    Is it a well paid job ?

    Is it an athletic body ?

    Or all of the above..

    Or most of them..
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    Badoo is for average looking people. :-)

    Or at least it was, until they changed it so much, its now a pay2win site..
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    So, tell us about yourself, do you have a surplus income ?

    Transport ?

    Your own home ?

    A body you could win prizes with ?

    Are you available evenings and weekends ?
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    @Nanos Seriously feeling lonely is last of unpleasant feelings on my list of bad things can happen to me.

    It’s only life. You can go outside to dance alone naked in the rain and people stare at you that’s their problem cause they waste their time while you’re having good one.
    Some can say what an idiot, others can throw something at you or call a police. Some other people can unexpectedly join and start fucking in an orgy. Car can kill you cause during your best time you went out on road. Plane can crash. You can have a heart attack or die cause of lightning storm.

    TV can put you in news cause someone is filming it and they have nothing more important to show so millions can see you dancing.

    They can invite you to dancing with the stars show. Or nobody will see you and it will be just you and nature having intimate time.

    At the end people are wasting time while you’re doing what you want. It’s cause they’re passive. You can feel embarrassed about it or show everyone that’s me fuckers and I will do more crazy shit tomorrow cause I enjoy it and don’t give a fuck. Someone can call you that will pay for it or you can go directly to jail.

    The only rule is not to harm other people consciously.

    I don’t say go outside naked and dance... or did I said that ? Let’s go.
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    For those who will be dancing outside naked please don't forget your face masks and face shields 😁
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    I do things like that..

    But I'm still lonely.
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    @vane depending on where you live, that can get you arrested 😛
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