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    The first one is more like Linux filesystem ends up beaten and on fire while Windows is acting like it never touched it
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    At least bother to take the reddit watermark off.
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    @SortOfTested y? if he took a screenshot who cares?
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    For ref, that's what happens when you save an image off reddit, now the screenshot view.
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    @SortOfTested I have yet to understand why does that matters
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    So basically Linux is being a cunt
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    You can access btrfs with the driver on github. It's usually stable.
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    To be honest Linux does not make it easy with at least 3 heavily used filesystems. The specs are there though

    NTFS has been used for so long that even though it's not open hacked drivers are very stable.

    At least NFS is supported on Windows now.
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    NtFS is the futur i said
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    If I wanted this kind of garbage memes I'd browse 9gag.
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    Fresh Reddit logo. Let’s not make devRant a meme Proxy
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