I dare you to spend the last 3-7 hours of 2020 NOT looking at your phone! Go masterbate... talk to yourself... read a book... drink!.. Play chess... just lay down and groan... clean the kitchen!!! ANYTHING! And maybe even the first 24 hours of 2021!!!!!

Get out of your own ass for a while! Or into your own ass - but out of your fucking phone!!It’ll be fun!

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    I don't cave to peer pressure. I'm also on a browser, drinking prosecco. I do what I want. 🥂
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    I dunno man...
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    It's 2021 here.
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    Im too drunk to masturbate. My poor penis doesn’t want to play. I’m wishing my fun little buddy a happy new year!
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    You're making too much of just a regular as fuck day
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