Entering 2021 strong with more knowledge and more experience 💙💪
2020 was a year of learning.
It taught us the value of time, to believe in ourselves, to make the best use of what we have, not take anything for granted and always keep learning.
Only then we can overcome our biggest fears
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2021

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    More knowledge = more ways to produce increasingly eclectic bugs.
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    Now that's a good image..... if you remove everything except Java
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    Cheers, Never stop learning! Happy 2021!
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    @Axel406 Fanboi alert!
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    We're allowing a literal company to advertise their stuff as spam under the guise of "funny meme" with a bunch of tags on here now.
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    @junon Didn't notice until you mentioned it. Shane on you @techindustan!
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    @rooter Please share how D: I can't figure it out
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    @wicho @junon @rooter Hey guys, Wishing you all a very Happy New Year <3

    Thank you for allowing us - an IT company from India to share our love for comics. We are happy that you love them :D

    @Rooter We feel sorry for your experience with other IT companies/people. But please don't judge an entire country based on your experience with some people :)

    @Junon Just updated our About section. Give it a look :)
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    @rooter Hahahha... that's okay. It's human nature. We usually tend to judge based on a few experiences.
    Hope you find a better service provider in India and PS - we won't disappoint 😎😛 (Not Selling, LOL)

    Also, Thank you so much for relating to our comics. Our team is super happy to know this 😄💙

    Regarding meme service, we'll need more inputs from your end on what kind of content you expect. Only then we'll be able to confirm if we can provide you with the same or not.

    If you are interested, let's discuss it over email
    CC: Surbhi@techindustan.com
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    @rooter That sounds amazing. Good luck to you! 😄💙
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    Happy new year in advance.
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