I'm starting my new job in 10 days, but I don't have the proper internet access to feel really confident about it. My parents want me to move out of the house so they don't have to accommodate for my new job. I'm getting chemo in a few weeks. I'm really sick of fighting shit. Trusting in the plan though.

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    Kicking you out while fighting cancer. Sounds like you've got my parents.

    See if you can't get a second line installed on the downlo.
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    How could they do that??? You have cancer, you need all the support you can get!!!
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    Maybe moving out will remove the other form of cancer that is your parents. Sorry to hear that, I hope you're able to move out soon. Better be alone than with this kind of people.
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    What @rutee07 said.
    Fuck them with a rusty rake. I hope you properly ignore them for their asshole ways.
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    Is there a buddy you can call who will take you in?
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