You win Linux. That was the last straw. I will never install ANY linux distribution ever again.

Setup a simple FTP server. What can possibly go wrong ?

Ok now I want it to point to /media/ftp

Easy, right ?

Just add local_root=/media/ftp

Weeeeellll nop.

Not working. Completly ingnoring this setting, all users log to home directory.


tried, no effect.

I'm wiping this server and installing windows server there.

Too bad, the process started very well, the machine is fully confiogured, ready to go, DNS working every thing working. Except this shitty FTP.

So FUCK YOU linux wioth config files, WELCOME windows with nice GUI where I can just SELECT the default ftp folder

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    Sure. My fault.
    I have one (!!!) FTP client which works perfectly. Connects to the right folder, shows all the files.
    Windows : Nop, shows empty folder when connected
    Xbox: Connection error
    Chrome : Empty folder

    So yeah, sure 3 most used platforms can’t connect and the only one who CAN is an obscure software I like (total commander).
    Problem is not with client, but with set up.
    BUT, I shouldn’t spend 3H trying to figure it out in 2021. It should be just an easy option in settings. (Webmin doesnèt even know about vsftpd)
    But yes, keep shitting on people like you always do.
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    FTP with user accounts like in "transmitting passwords in clear text"? And then even with a Windows server? Brilliant idea.
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    @NoToJavaScript First of all, FTP is a nightmare, I agree. Secondly, this does not sound like a Linux problem, but rather a user problem. If you don't have the knowledge or patience to solve the issues you face, then sure, go with an all GUI solution that might just let you change it to be the way you want, but don't blame Linux.
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    @Fast-Nop it's on a PRIVATE HOME network........ It is not internet facing in anyway.

    @ScriptCoded I lost this wibe years ago. Software should just work.
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    And when I try to start from scrath... Well you cannot delete (uninstall) a service in linux, whole system reinstall needed



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    @NoToJavaScript For transferring files between local computers, I'm using Samba. Yeah, on Linux machines. No extra FTP client required, just the normal file explorer.

    Each machine has a "public" folder where anyone can put in and read files. The local firewalls are configured to allow that only from machines in the local private subnetwork.
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    @Fast-Nop Yep, that was I was using from 5 years ago on first “version” of this home server.
    It is not stable and eats so much CPU for files transfers it is insane
    You cannot run a torrent download and 4K streaming of 70GB file at the same time.
    It’s the whole reason I’m reinstalling this server. It was working “pretty good” up until now. CPU bottleneck became real last night. (yes linux uses 50% cpu for just file copy from NTFS drive)
    So if you have :
    Torrent running at 400 Mbits/s
    Streaming with transcoding running for a 4K HDR video
    The cpu is at 100% and you have “buffering” every 3 to 4 minutes while watching from xbox.
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    Trying to setup FTP instead of using secure and probably already setup SFTP? I am a sysadmin (along ton of other stuff I do) and I never had to install FTP separately. I just always use SFTP, even my clients.
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    @NoToJavaScript If your setup is so that Linux is copying something from an NTFS drive, that's already wrong to begin with. As temporary work-around in some dual boot situation, OK, but not for anything permanent.

    Also, it sounds like you should re-nice the torrent process, that's what process priorities are for. Or maybe the other one, depending on which is them isn't relevant for streaming.
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    Ftp is hard.

    If you can't make it to the end of this page without having it working, there's a PBKAC.


    Don't go to step 6 unless your making it secure.

    # apt purge <software>
    or delete them yourself after uninstall.
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    You doing it wrong and using a non-server Linux configuration as a server is not an indictment of the operating system.

    Pull the vsftp docker container, mount a volume and call it a day.

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    FTP? Like, here in the real world? For simple file transfer between hosts when NFS and Samba exist and have been stable and mature for longer than most of the people on devrant have been alive? Also, torrents? Really? When Usenet exists and is FAR less expensive and more efficient than bittorrent. These are all exceedingly easy to install and configure, as is FTP, on Linux. If you insist on these extremely dated, functionally obsolete technologies, then maybe Windows is where you should be anyway.
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    Ok thanks for all the hate (both sides).
    It was just the matter to find a right tutorial

    And everything works now
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    @NoToJavaScript One does simply not rant on Linux on devRant. It's in the rules (right?). Good thing you solved it.
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    @bahua "far less expensive" ?

    Lol. 0$ 9torrent) vs at least 7.99$/month for newsgroups.

    Been there, donne that.

    I prefere torrents. Here, example of speed I have for "0$"

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    Expensive, as in it costs more system resources to use it.
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    Good choice.
    Did you know, that Microsoft also makes the easy-to-administrate and versatile Internet Information Server? It also can do FTP!
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    @bahua tell more about Usenet.
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    It's an excellent way to automate downloads, especially of television shows. Rather than go into it here, I will just direct you to reddit.com/r/usenet where the sidebar will tell you everything you need.
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    firstly, don't use FTP if you can avoid it, it's awful

    secondly, what FTP server daemon were you even using?
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    If you just want to share files on a local network, just use NFS. FTP is a protocol much more tailored at public file access than it is to local file servers. Or Samba even if your clients use Windows (NFS is also supported in Windows but only in enterprise/ultimate tiers, and requires registry fuckery).

    At the end of the day, any service is gonna require some amount of configuration, either on the server if you're lucky, or on the clients if you aren't. That's quite literally why sysadmins are a thing. We herd the servers, maintain the networks and do the configs.

    Edit: Windows' registry is pretty much equivalent to Linux' config files btw
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    > It was just the matter to find a right tutorial

    Unless what you want to do, no one has written one yet !

    I find OS's often a pain.. at least modern ones not in ROM !

    I wonder what is the simple way to transfer a file from a windows book server to an Android tablet without having to remember the 28 different steps required each time..
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    The rant is fine; your target of frustration is not. FTP here is the issue. Even though vsftpd is one is the better solutions using it with a username and password password is only recommended in a LAN situation.
    Also I would only run it in a container for security reasons. Circumvents the chroot and is far safer. As a bonus it's probably easier to configure at the expense of adding container virt complexity.

    You can mount a local dir in the container using -v
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    > I don’t know what I’m doing and made lots of poor choices. Is it my fault?
    > No, it’s the operating system that is wrong.

    Ditch NTFS, ditch FTP.
    Set up Samba and call it a day. Should take you about an hour, or maybe four given the above.

    Seriously, some flavor of Linux runs almost everything in the world, fileservers included. What could possibly make you think Linux is incapable of it?

    Perhaps I’m just tired and bitchy, but come on.
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    @bahua It's entirely possible to automate things with torrents too. I even used to use IRC to start my DLs
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    Or just setup ssh(easy peasy lemon squeezy) and use scp. Secure and fast. I've never ever seen someone using FTP. Or rsync
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    YaST & SuSE can give you a GUI for (S)FTP config.

    Think Mandriva Control Panel on Mageia or OpenMandriva can too.
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    Well if you use apt remove and complain that it does what it was expected to do (keeping the config files) then I doubt Linux / the FTP server is at fault for not working correctly.

    But you figured it out, congrats on that.
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    @bahua dived in. Looks complicated.
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