What 2020?

(I think my subconscious blocked it from my memory to protect me)

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    I appologize, I just remembered to add the joke tag, but its too late (editing disabled after timelimit).
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    Joke tag wouldn't help you. The category is not a tag even though it looks like it. And you can't change category after posting.
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    @KiDoDa "The council has decided to let you go with a warning (this time)"
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    You're on the watch list...
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    @Jilano "next time though, you'll be locked in the dungeons with stale bread, water and coffeescript for the rest of eternity"
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    @neeno Pretty much, with the occasional visit from @rutee07
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    @Jilano You will look forward to it. You're gonna need my help with those bread exiting your booty hole.
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    @rutee07 Hey, help is always appreciated, you know
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