Being able to make dev time estimates that aren't off by whole weeks.

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    Good luck. May the silicon gods be in your favor.
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    act like the estimate is in celcius and then convert to fahrenheit xD
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    I mean, we said goals, not wishes.
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    @nebula "I meant it takes 20 days on Mercury"
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    Have you tried the three-point-estimation method?

    Break down a feature into todos and estimated each individually. If you can't estimate with a certain certainty, you need more infos. Acquiring infos can also be estimated.

    Don't get me wrong, after doing all this you will still be off by a spectacular margin, but you'll look like a real pro! The product owner will love you!

    (And if you add some time-blocking techniques into that mix, oh boy! Management will drop their panties left and right!)
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