I really dislike the company I work at.

I want to say hate, but there are parts that I adore (mostly the people I get to work with).

However, I dislike:
- The management
- The way engineers are treated
- Lack of responsibility for on QA for finding bugs, and it falling solely onto the engineers
- Sales circle jerk every All Hands meeting
- The amount of "ring-around-the-rosy" they played with me for a 10k raise (took 12+ months and not what I was looking for when I first asked)
- They lie

Just a shitty company overall. Interesting product depending on what team you're on, but overall I'd rather dye my hair green and become a talking broccoli stock.

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    10k raise and you find it's shitty ?

    Seems you are the problem.

    IEven if you were at 100k, it's a 10% raise. It's insanly good.

    And no, it's not QA fault you have bugs. it's YOURS.
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    @NoToJavaScript I got a 10k raise after 2+ years being at my company. With a 3% inflation (let's say 2%), it isn't close to a 10% raise. They gave me the run around for 12 months after I asked for a raise.

    Verified in QA means it has been thoroughly tested by the QA engineer. It's their job to find deeper bugs before it hits production. Unless you think "Verified in QA" means something else?
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    QA is important, because you tend to only think in simple tests, that you already know the answer.

    People on QA must be like your mom who looks for cake recipes on Twitter and were able to send mensages with their phone in the pocket
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    I'm not seeing anything here out of the normal.

    Also, 10% or higher raises usually only come with promotions or role changes.

    If you're trying to chase that 20-40% raise, your going to need to put on that senior title.
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    @C0D4 Thank you. I've been studying so I can jump up at a different company.
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    Engineers *should* take ownership of bugs imho. Own it, write a test case to catch it next time, then fix it.

    As for raises - if you want a significant raise, you almost always need to switch companies. Even 10% is close to unheard of these days, so you did well to get that at all.

    And sales jerking off to their figures on every team meeting? Expect it. They're jerks, happens everywhere. If you want a discussion with the grown ups, then organise one for just the tech side of the business & but make sure there's a reason for it. Meetings just for the sake of it are the worst.
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    If the money is Worth staying for then, you've got to focus on the aspects of the job that you like and make them more important than anything else you do in your day. Draw your pleasure from what is good and ignore what is bad, make the best of it because all companies are more or less the same.
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    @cervantes01 Thank you I'll try to focus on the positives while I'm here
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