Force myself to learn more modern frameworks without getting horribly bored due to how mentally un stimulating they are

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    @Root your goal is to get that mutant screwdriver done! That will also be next year’s goal....😁
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    @d-fanelli I’m drunk so: FUCK THAT BULLCRAP
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    Come on
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    @Root hope you’re not too hungover 😁! I had a weird dream last night where I was introduced to a new alcoholic beverage. It involved injecting something into my heart...yes the guy serving it took my shirt off, and stuck a needle in my chest...then he gave me the beverage. I drank it while somewhat surprised i wasnt dead lol
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    @d-fanelli 🤨
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    @Root lol yes they are crazy...but then again Ive been lazily skipping workout recently so perhaps the heart stabbing was a sign that it needs a little more attention!
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