I slightly changed the color of a label on a WinForms app...and broke everything.

Why the fuck would anyone code logic that is dependent on the exact color of a control.

This code is a train wreck.

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    How else would you define the primary button?
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    @webapp I'm not saying contextual colors are bad, the issue is when you store application state within the user interface.
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    @BobbyTables I was being sarcastic, I share your pain, it’s like using classes as selectors for JavaScript manipulation. If I t’s not ment for it, don’t (ab)use it, you’re screwing yourself or the next person sooner or later.
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    #FACEFACE is a good color code for a button with two faces IMHO
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    I alwas use #02FACE as background to identify that buttons in the initialisation code...
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