I just wanted to install a sh*tty app from sh*tty microsoft store just to find the f*cking install button not working. Went back to full monkey mode and smashed my mouse against the install button .... now I neither have a f*cking app nore a f*cking mouse.

Thanks Microsoft for f*cking nothing

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    And yes I've done everything suggested from "checking for windows updates" to "clearing cache via powershell"
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    I'd forgotten that GIF. Which is terrible, because it is beautifully cathartic.
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    By about 2010 this kind of shit had happened to me enough I abandoned Windows for everything but gaming.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Maybe I should start doing the same. Thinking back, my first and only experience with linux via a raspberry wasn't soooo bad.
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    @Xenoxus If it's not a secret, what were you trying to install?
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    @kamen Drawboard PDF, it's a neat tool I already used before on my Laptop. Guess I am going back to taking some notes with paint ... until microsoft ruins that aswell
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    @Xenoxus reminds me of my automation I'm building ATM :) It generates reports in xls format with some colouring applied. All the tools (LO/OO Calc, Mac's Numbers, GDocs, etc.) open it up perfectly fine. When it comes to MS Excel - a random number of cells are uncoloured and the grid is missing here and there. Tested with multiple versions.

    Looks like MS is incapable of handling its own standards properly :D

    Go Team Microsoft!
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    @netikras so it's like complaining that the encrypted key created by you is accepted but many non official readers except the original reader
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    @Xenoxus unfortunately store sometimes has issue, it's sad because ms looks like they put a team of inters to work on it, anyway did you try to reset the store?
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    @dontbeevil not following the analogy...
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    @netikras doesn't MS detect if it wasn't saved by Excel and mess it up for you?
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    @netikras ok my bad, let's try again, you develop an app that save his own files as .xxx, competitors develop apps that read .xxx files, i write an .xxx file that works on the competitors apps but not on yours original app... I blame your app
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    @dontbeevil I'd agree if it was one or two competitors. But all of them..?
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    Usually there is a trick with the regedit where you can also list an app as not registered. You have to work wkth event viewer to find that.

    Can't fully remember, easiest is to reinstall windows completly.
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    - checked for Windows Updates
    - reset the store in the apps-settings
    - cleared the cache via a powerShell command
    - logged out and in again
    And even restarted my pc
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    @KDSBest if I ever uninstall windows I am not sure I'll ever reinstall it...
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    @Xenoxus I don't have issues with MS and Windows at all.

    VSCode, notepad++, Visual Studio, Office, Unreal Engine and Unity

    That's what I use it for.
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    Does it look Ike that ?


    Was a Company group policy as far as I remember, so don’t blame MS, but blame the company.
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    @netikras I understand your disappointment, but you cannot really bkame the original one... I understand if you create an xls from excel and than doesn't work on excel but on all competitors, in this case I can agree to blame ms.

    Did you try for examole to create an xls as you like from google doc (or another competitor) and than open in excel?
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    @Xenoxus once (and luckily only once) I had an issue where the storr didn't receive any app updates, i tried many things, i managed to fix it only with this
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    Had a similar issue because our IT screwed up image creation for my laptop. Clearing the cache aka "wsreset.exe" fixed it. The process took over 30min to complete.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I'm currently using a Windows box for dev via WSL1. As of an update late last year, it just occasionally freezes for no reason [*]. Yay.

    [*] ECC RAM, sane temps, high quality power supply; if it's not the OS, it doesn't leave many likely alternatives.
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