Anyone else excited for the purism and pine phones to hit the main market? Wanna hear what the devRant community is thinking of this?

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    I'm looking at them from a distance

    PS: Though I will never spend more than 250 on a phone
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    If they work as phones and I don’t need to worry they’ll stop working, absolutely.

    If I have to mess with them to get things to work, or work decently... absolutely no.

    A phone should just work.
    What if I get stuck and need help?
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    I only use secondhand phones and don't expect a purism or pine to find its way to me in the next years...
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    I’m keeping my eye on both projects, but I wouldn’t maybe go all in for them in a while. What @Root said, phones should just work even for the majority of us - not every dev wants to tinker around with mobile devices to keep them working as they should.

    However, I would go for the PineTab
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