Am I the only one who gets stupid nervous for interviews, I always get the hand shakes real bad about T-20 before the interview then they go away about T-5 before the interview. Doesn't matter what I am interviewing for, every time.

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    If I get nervous, it only goes away after T+20 or so when I have acclimatized the process and people
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    @asgs One I am able to get a laugh everything calms down for me but that lead up kills me every time. Thank God I don't have a 4k Webcam for zoom calls otherwise I think some interviewers would think I had a leak or something right above my chair lol
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    I start getting nervous about T-3days
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    Only technical interview i have ever had where I didn't write a single line of code... all of it was hypothetical like "When would you use vanilla CSS over SaSS", I have no clue, it clearly states on my resume I have 0 experience with SaSS and was never told SaSS was a part of your kit.
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    Them: When would you use SASS?

    Me: I would not use SASS
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    @JustinReidy Oh man fucking hate those kinds of questions. Hyped up words thrown around to see if you’re “cutting edge”. When would you use css over sass...yeah that’s a real test of development aptitude....I never used sass ever...uh oh maybe I should clean toilets at Burger King instead lol
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