Either get some form of 'stable' release of my current gang engine or just grow a pair and finally teach myself C and go back to the drawing board and build my engine with complete portability.

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    Wow I can spell, game engine, not gang engine .-.
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    Did you mean to say can't or can ?
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    @ajinxs meant can but was being sarcastic
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    @lxmcf haha no worries mate. Hope your gang engine was not involved in taking over capitol.
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    There are a shitton of game engines already.
    But an actual gang engine making the NPC factions (or gangs) behave way more believable than they do today - that literally would be a game changer in Cyberpunk 2077 and the action RPG genre in general.
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    Compton getting an RTX uplift?
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    @Oktokolo Sounds like something one of my colleagues has been working on. He calls it behavior engine. Implementing reactions as tweakable interactions which can later form complex world events.
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    Exactly that.

    Would love to see AI starting improving again. Currently, The Darkmod features the best NPC behaviour in a game - but that FOSS game is over ten years old now and while it is still improved, the NPC are still not really feeling believable yet.
    And AAA titles (including Cyberpunk 2077) have far shittier AI than that...
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