The amount of effort being made to make php a saner development platform is outstanding really, specially with the release of php8, really good features in there. As someone that started with version 4(*shivers*), and stuck with it all the way to the glory of 7, 8 is a welcomed addition.

One in particular that I really like is the fact that we now (fucking finally) have union types as well as fucking match expressions! Which granted, these are single lines, but in place of it one could argue for a function.

I am pretty excited for some of the other items, but have not had the time to play with anything yet really. Wonder how much more is in store.

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    Ew php.
    I have been meaning to do a refresher og. Php7, now I read I can skip to 8.

    Any recommendations?i know very little and the -> confuses me.
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    A man of similar culture.
    Somehow, I kinda miss adding the version (3) to the file extension though.

    How it has grown into a glorious beast, and paid my way through life while it was at it 🥰
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    @mundo03 I tend to recommend 3 things:

    The free online book hacking with php
    the community resource php the right way aaaaaand the no framework tutorial by Patrick Louys (bunch of github md files)

    You don't necessarily have to skip php 7, 8 builds on top of it and even though it adds some breaking changes they would be minimal compared to say ver 5 to 7.

    I am not a fan of using frameworks in php, but I do use composer, learning it is a must as well as getting acquainted with psr standards, else we might fall on the poor development conventions from the php4/5 days.
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    @C0D4 same bro, php is my bread and butter and I find it faaar easier to get jobs etc for it than any other stack. Even as a more experienced dev with a larger set of qualifications, I still jump back to php all the time as my main tool for backend services.

    I would only consider Rails, and that is because some of the less experienced php devs really do be out there writing horror stories....like the ones I go to at work every day 🥴
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    @AleCx04 awesome, I'll check those out.
    About frameworks, I was considering slim.

    I use minimal frameworks when it comes to routes and templates because I don't want ti deal with that from scratch, but U definitely don't want to touch laravel.

    What do you think?
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    i'd jump to php8 if mediawiki and my extensions supported it. Sadly, they don't!
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    I started on version 1.8 and then upgraded to 2.4 lol.
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