Sorry for posting a non dev goal
1. Check every social media ultra often and the first thing in the morning. I was late or sometimes completely missed something because I did not check my social media. Today I missed school because study leve was kinda cancelled. But guess what did not check my social media for the announcement and checked it in rhe afternoon when school was long over. No nwed to check email because nearly nothing important comes there except my report card which is resent on whatsapp 4 times a year

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    You realise this is the complete opposite of many peoples new-year resolution lol.
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    If they inform you only through cancerous social media, then it's their problem. Not yours.
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    @iiii They have no other good option. Their only alternative is email and not verybody checke their email often
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 So... expecting people to check their email is more reasonable than expecting them to stare at social media. Or offer options for how to contact you. My college sends emails by default, and I think there is an option for text messages (which I don't need, thank you). I don't know if they post on social media as well, because I don't check.
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