Spent the last month creating a really scalable chat application, with fast front end, all kinds of neat functions such as polls, and a really efficient database structure in Apache Cassandra.. Everything is built to use NoSQL, and even the front-end is using all kinds of features to speed up itself... Now, guess what... The company I'm doing an internship decided that everything needs to be done in MariaDB, and I can basically remove 1/3 of my program, event the front end will get a huge purge of code, and as much as I explained that MariaDB IS NOT FUCKING USABLE FOR A CHAT APPLICATION, and when there are many messages, the access times will get realllllyyy sloow, and that the whole structure there currently is based on NoSQL... Now I can remove all the clustering, custom data types, and bucketing of messages... And store FUCKING JSON IN 'TEXT' FIELDS IN A STUPID SQL DATABASE. FUCK ME

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    I'm sorry, I know how frustrating it must be, but nontheless, ahahahahahaha. I love management changing tech 4/5th into the project.
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    Welcome to corporate
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    Good rant. 👍
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    Can you open source or keep for yourself the old code so it doesn't go to waste?

    @Fast-Nop asleep?
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    Btw., the devrant tag is only for stuff about devrant.com itself. There are only devs here so that every rant is a "developer rant".
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    @electrineer So lazy that I resort to copy/paste. ^^
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