Applying to internships today and I see this

Job type: Internship

- Atleast 2 years of professional experience as a software engineer
- ...

Wtf is this????

Why does an intern need 2 years of professional experience?

Isn’t an intern supposed to be an entry level job?

Am I wrong in thinking this is crazy?

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    I applied for one with 30+ years experience, still didn't get it !

    I'm reminded of someone else in another field, with 80+ years experience, they didn't get it either..

    I guess someone with 90+ years got it !
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    You wouldn't need an internship if you're already professionally engaged in the field you would think..
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    the question is, was it paid or unpaid?
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    I think they expect people to do internship for 2 years or more so they can pay them less or nothing at all. The joke is on them ...
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    A college student won’t typically have that experience and someone with that experience won’t bother settling for an internship bc the pay would likely be too low. Internship job goes to no one.
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    just like when u get your first ID. that's need and ID as requirement.
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    I love it when internships require a PhD
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    @andpeterson Couple that with a pension card and you got a winner.
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    There are plenty of fields where this shit works. Our field isn't one of them.
    So surprised to see it.

    This is how it works in fields that have a ton of academics but very available positions. So you finish your PhD but for a good paid position you need more papers published and more experience than the other just out of school people. This is where the they get to screw people over with internships for low pay to professionals.

    In our field they are lucky to snag talent fresh out of school so even internships generally pay well.
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