As I am coming from XAML, I wonder if it is possible to make multipage, fluent and modern UI in C++ easily. Not necessarily easily, but it shouldn't be as creating an OS.

I heard about Qt, I loved it, but it is a little complicated.
is there is any suggestions?

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    Do you believe that Qt is more complicated than Windows Presentation Foundation?
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    What is complicated about it?
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    Good question. I don't think so.
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    @Demolishun the .UI file and the .QML files

    was complicated for me.

    it is not like XAML. for example, to create a simple button

    <Button x:Name = "mybutton"

    Content = "Hello"

    Click = "OnClick"

    Margin = "10"

    Width = "150"

    HorizontalAlignment = "Center"

    Foreground = "Gray"/>
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