Am I the only one that lives in fear of friends/colleagues finding out I'm on devrant?

I've already deleted a few rants in which I described something that happened between me and someone else in fear that they might find out.

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    I think it is understood by most, and hopefully others, that rants on devrant are there for acting out frustrations that EVERYONE feels at times.

    Granted people being people might not understand, but they should.
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    Sometimes, but I think I'm pretty good about anonymising names and keeping things general enough that it'd be damn hard to track me down. I mean, if someone really went through my profile they might work it out from situations I've described - but I still think there's enough leeway there to give me plausible deniability 😁
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    I mean the worst part in the current lack of collaborative mindset I feel is that those people are actually nice and I know they're not asshole, but when something goes wrong, I have to either blame myself and indulge in imposter complex or blame them and sound like an asshole.
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    Nah, no way someone is here. And even if they were... Whatever.
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    Are you afraid you've been revealed despite your incognito of a Brazilian gay gigolo?
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    I do not have even the slightest smallest most minuscule pint-sized quark length iota of a single fuck to give.
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    You have to own your shit, if what you posted is the truth, and you get caught, what could happen?

    Reality is you feel you are doing something bad, snd that is bad, just own your shit.
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    Yeah now you mention it, i should probably change my username 🤔
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    @mundo03 problem is not getting caught, problem is harming my relationship with friends/coworkers because I ranted about something stupid they did
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    Tbh i dont really care, before i did reset/deleted my account, some of my friends did find out about my account and i had ranted about the same friends in some of my old rants.

    I regret nothing, i got no shame. Partly reason to why i use my real name as my username.
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    @neeno and how do you vet your relationship ruined? By getting caught.

    So, own your shit dude.
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    @Frederick are you THE Frederick?!
    Shit dude, your mom is very disappointed about that rant last year. #sad
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    @electrineer you seem to know way too much... Nothing personal kid

    *stabs with butter knife*
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    @mundo03 getting caught implies ranting about something stupid someone else did is wrong, but it's just a technicality, I get your point.

    Thing is, even though I say the truth and am not doing anything wrong, people have ego. This might hurt their ego and affect our relationship.

    I don't really care about my relationship with a co-worker per se, what I do care is about my work environment. I don't want to pick a fight with someone while they have the ability to make my life harder, so I try to stay friendly for my own sake.

    As for friends, tldr I might insult them here and, even though I don't mean the insults, it might negatively affect our relationship, so I like the anonymity.
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    @neeno i understand what you are saying.
    However, you should own your shit and let other people own their shit.

    By stressing and getting anxiety like this you are effectively owning other people's shit, just let it go, this is what owning your shit means.

    Don't stress with shit that is not yours, let them think, let them get hurt, just do you. Own your shit.

    And, don't be an asshole.
    Those are the two rules:

    - Own your shit
    - Don't be an asshole.
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