Invest more into stocks.
Started trading a bit at the end of last year ,made some solid returns. Have quite a bit of cash laying around so I think I'll just invest and spread over companies I believe in as I only plan on using the cash in the next year or 2. Work on some of my personal projects, because I didnt last year - at all. Also work out a bit. Got a bit of a chub going on during the pandemic. Learn GO. Upskill and maybe look into switching companies.

Buy some shit. Been saving around 80% of my paycheck for almost 2 years now... I've bought a roof over my head so it's time to spend some of the cash to get a few things to enjoy myself. Sell some unused stuff. Vomited some thoughts.

Wish everyone to achieve their goals!

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    One major tip:

    Only invest in things you follow passionately in real life.

    You got Intel investors drawing all kinds of analysis and support lines on their market graphs trying to predict movements, while every DIY computer builder kind of already saw the "hungry underdog AMD led by engineers vs comfy entrenched Intel led by business managers" battle looming on the horizon three years ago.

    I used to make a decent profit off buying and selling stock of various aerospace supplier companies, because I was employed in aerospace QA and had a feeling for trends in that market.

    Then I lost a bunch because I started listening to market analysts about stocks outside of my own knowledge sphere.

    The best indicator of good stock is trusting your gut feeling about the shit you're passionate about.
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