Ya'll on Signal yet? Now that they are on the rise, they'll need funds and a revenue model. You can't depend on donations unless you're Wikimedia. I don't really see how would they scale up both in terms of manpower and number of users. What's the guarantee that Signal won't end up like it's counterpart WhatsApp?

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    I’m intrigued. But only a very few people I know aren’t so cowed by totalitarianism that they would consider joining. The rest feel like having encrypted comms is an act of insurrection against our protective and benevolent elitist betters. Welcome to the Hunger Games.
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    I think that once it will get too big, it will get corrupted just like anything else. See Telegram.
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    @lamka02sk Agree. Also a fear I have. It seems just passing stuff around Samizdat style, under the table or in dead drops, is the only secure way left to communicate.
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    Isn't that what happened to WhatsApp
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    They recently had an AMA on r/Technology
    They answered that question IIRC
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    I use Keybase as my daily driver, but Signal seems more like conventional apps and might be easier to convince people to switch to
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    Signal has been my SMS app for more than half a year now, but none of my contacts use it. The last Signal message I sent was 1.5 months ago –.–
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    @Conrad You'll find more people on Signal these days.
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