You’re doing nothing but trying to rationalize your unhealthy viewpoints. You always pick “philosophy” that’s the least critical towards your own worldview.

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    But french toast *IS* a precursor to serial murder, Kiki.
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    Yes, how else am I supposed to pick a philosophy but empirically, when there are no axioms to build on and I might be the only one that's real?
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    But what makes the viewpoint unhealthy or healthy? The fact that it is supported by a lot of people. So that's why people are promoting their viewpoints everytime, in hopes that their point will win the popular vote and their viewpoint will no longer be unhealthy.

    "That's why i believe government should enforce free french fries with every burger . So what if this cause obesity? People are getting fat and dying anyways"
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    Of course you do. But here's the interesting part about conciousness, you can encounter situations that can redefine even some of the most deep-seated viewpoints.

    It's all about evolution through experience and experimentation.
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