Candidate for VC Principal role: "I thought you were flirting with me" because I laughed at this dude's jokes.

The HR called me and told me I shouldn't flirt in job interviews afterward and that he was disappointed in me.

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    Are you trying to flirt with me now?
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    @N00bPancakes Yes, no HR to hold me back here
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    Ah, a sexually (and perhaps socially) starved interviewer. Nothing out of the ordinary.
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    Sounds like you can cross a name off your list of candidates.
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    Oof. I'd be blacklisted faster that @rutee07 can say "hot".
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    "You didn't laugh at my jokes. I think you are unfriendly, hostile, and just not a team player. I'm reporting you to the HR. Also, here's a scathing review on Glassdoor, I marked the interview as 'Very Poor'. Please read my new LinkedIn post about how people in the tech industry lack a sense of humor. Be better next time.

    Sincerely, fuck you."
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    Wtf?! This is one of the most ridiculous interview scenarios I've heard.
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    Somebody doesn't like you already. Looking for excuses. The facts won't matter.
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