Sitting here watching my wife drive toward the house on FindMy.

I'm not creepy. She has a Rueben Sandwich for me. I am tracking the Rueben Sandwich.

4 more miles. Reuben Sandwich.

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    IT'S HERE!!!! bye
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    We will envy you more enjoying that Reuben sandwich if you post a picture of it 😁 or we could also just assume you are really a possessive husband 🤭
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    Who cares about a wife, I wish I had a rueben sandwich.
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    Okay, enough with these signs from Satan. I'm getting one.
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    No one delivers to where I am, the nearest place to get one is 300 miles away across the ocean..

    Nearest I get to that is ordering some slightly out of date MRE's !

    Feels just like being in an episode of Lost..
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    I'm reminded today because finally a food parcel arrived, took 2+ years to reach me !

    It had to travel a tortuous route, since we aren't allowed to import food..

    But we are allowed to import computer parts !

    Not me..
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    Only some of the roads here are like this..
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    Has it arrived yet ?
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    Hopefully no squirrels or cats killed going 120 mph! Ensure there’s no blood under your wife’s wheels lol!
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    Sounds good! My fav is provolone, ham, salami, lettuce, tomato, and mayo
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    Wife to marriage counselor, "After all these years, I find out he married me for my Ruben sandwiches!"

    Marriage counselor, "That's very interesting. I see our time is up. We'll talk about this next week."
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