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    That's a stretch goal but let's hope so
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    I don't know why ppl would want that. I am perfectly comfortable at home. Farting anytime I want, playing with my dogs in breaks.
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    @coffeeholic I like working at the office more than from home. There are too many distractions at home (namely cats, sometimes wife), and I like being able to talk to my colleagues f2f, having lunch with them, and most important of all, endless supply of free coffee... also, I can fart anytime I want and it bothers nobody.

    Had I a dedicated room as home office with and a somewhat more ergonomic setup, that could change things, though. Good thing I can always choose, so I do about 70/30 monthly now (office/home).
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    @coffeeholic From what I can see (and as someone who wants to go to the office at least a few times a week), it's annoying and sometimes depressing to stay at home and work from there every day.

    I mean, realistically I doubt the WFO option will be viable until the end of Easter or by the end of the summer, but I'll rather walk to the office, see people in person and have better work/(life/side projects) separation than what I have now.
    And I echo what @100110111 said.

    I also know that many teachers and employed parents would want that (based on what friends say and what I hear on social media).
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