How are you building your products today?

-> What is your tech stack?
-> Your reasons for choosing them?
-> Any pain points you can help other indie hackers avoid?

I will start with mine -

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    * Frontend - vuejs and nuxtjs. Want to learn them, no pain points
    * Backend - Node js + postgreSql, redis(caching purposes). No pain points
    * Devops - docker+ heroku + travis CI. Time is taken by travis ci to build docker images is quite high and it also doesn't support caching with images.😣
    * Analytics - Google Analytics. Bezt service i have ever seen
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    Pretty much Everything: C++

    Reason: embedded and some old libraries that already exist
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    What is an indie hacker?

    Anyhow, tech stack would depend on a plethora of things. Who is the project for? Has someone else already started it? Who will maintain it? Why is it done? What are the best tools for the job either already in your toolbox or some you’ve wanted to try out?

    That being said, I mostly work with LAMP - only PHP being dynamically typed sometimes is a pain in the arse - and .NET Core (C#) well as Vue - the latter can be a pain, since JS is also dynamically typed. TS has it’s own pains, tho - being a superset of JS doesn’t fix all JS’ problems. I’ve also had the opportunity to develop some microservices with F# - what a bliss.

    Outside working hours there’s a wider palette in use, but I won’t be going through them all. I’d rather not use Vue or React again, tho (all frontend is pain tbh), and I’d rather use F# everywhere.
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    Usual tech stack:
    -Frontend: Vue.js (+meta framework depending on the type of app), SCSS, JS/TS (the most suitable FE stack for me so far).
    - API: REST with Fastify/Express (works well with Node.js and is nice to use).
    - Backend: Node.js (uses JS and is good enough for now
    - DB: Firestore (easy to use and not painful to setup).
    - Hosting: Netlify/Heroku/Firebase.
    - Analytics: Google Analytics (I didn't really find or personally used others).
    - VCS: GitHub
    - CI/CD: GitHub Action (flexibility and easy GH integration).
    - Tools: ESLint, Remark, Prettier, Snyk
    - UI/UX Design: Framer (as accessible as Figma but better).
    - Software Design: C4-PlantUML/PlantUML (the best Diagram-as-Code tool I've used to model any systems and pipelines).
    - Tasks: Trello / ClickUp (easy, powerful and customisable).

    Pain points are usually around the design->code and code->infra setups. Terraform helps tho for the latter, but UX prototype to Vue.js code and C4 model / UML to repo isn't doable yet AFAIK.
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    I use whatever I'm paid to use. There's comparatively little I'll run away from these days. I'm pretty much backend only at this point though.

    Business decision - usually Java on the backend. It's not the best language, but good enough, and easy enough to find a team of decent devs who know it. I'm a great believer in strong typing which rules out a few popular alternatives.

    Personal free reign - probably Kotlin on the backend. Practical, has modern features, not perfect but is a nice language while remaining immensely practical.

    Storage - anything from SQL to Mongo to Kafka depending on the project. There's really no "one size fits all" here.
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    I don't have a fixed tech stack. I use whatever I want whenever I want.
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    @Ranchonyx , may be you are having a preferrable teach stack instead of fixed 🤔
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    @AlmondSauce , can you explain about kafka a liitle bit more. Like what is it and when to use.
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    @dev-sj you have access to a search engine, don’t you?
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    @100110111, actually i love to gain knowledge 🤓 from a person by talking/chatting etc....
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    @dev-sj that’s all fine and dandy, and a good thing to do to - unless you are asking it online and a quick query with your preferred search engine would yield the answer right away. Sorry I’m harsh, just bugs me and as far as I’m aware, many others here, too.
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    - python (aiohttp) and vue
    - simplicity, complexity is our enemy
    - i don't, they avoid me
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    Ok can't help it. I don't know what an indie hacker is but let's not make it a thing
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