Joined a startup which does webscraping. I never knew that webscraping can be so much monotonous. I feel like I am doing a damn support job. Apart from that websites keep blocking the scrapers, and that is another thing to be fixed. jesus christ, non devs keep asking for ETA about how long would it take to complete a certain task. Thanks to remote work, I have been burnt out every day, and have been working for 14+ hours everyday!!!!! God help me!

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    They paying you enough for this to be worth 14 hours a day?
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    Oof. I feel you. My recent project went from 'use API provided by these different sites to cross-reference information about a subset of people' to 'Oh, there's no API? Well, just scrap them then!'
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    That sounds... horrible. Get a side activity in line. I had a huge scraping task. Did some frontend on the side just to not be burnt out.
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    > and have been working for 14+ hours everyday!!!!!

    If you are not being paid for such ridiculous working days, check if this is even legal in your area.
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    @N00bPancakes They pay decently but it is not worth 14 hours of effort everyday.
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