You know that feeling when you get a new piece of tech and it starts out with "oh my god, this is a merical, I need to protect it" and gradually you drift to "oh my god, I cant believe I have to deal with this piece of crap"?
Anyways my Christmas tech high only lasted 14 days

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    What was the piece of tech?
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    @devdiddydog just a new laptop
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    If you a have new laptop that's a piece of crap, care to throw it away? I'm pretty sure we have happy takers of for it. 😁

    My tech high is more, what can I do with this and once I figure it out I just let it be. Latest tech I got was just a xiaomi band 5. Finally found a good app for it (Notify for Mi Band) and make it count my sleep hours.
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    Yep, happens with new phones with me. Day 1: must install screen protector perfectly, no bubbles or misalignments, and must handle with care. A few months later and I'm juggling it.
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