So I have never done 'real' development on anything bar my current game engine Virgil, however found myself referring to C documentation for GLib and SDL2 rather than valadoc documentation.

Decided fuck it, I'm already converting everything to Vala's pointer syntax so I can have manual memory control, implementing stb_image and contemplating reworking SDL2_image into raw C so I'm not depending on extra libraries... Why do all this when I can just learn C and have more control.

Everything was going well and decided to buy the C programming language book, already knew about pointers and structs but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boi was I not ready for malloc .-.

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    Bruh wtf were you doing without malloc lmao. Good luck with the engine (and C) ;)
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    @3rdWorldPoison Vala manages memory for you so I'm coming from Java, GML, Vala and now on C, first time I have had to manage my own memory .-.
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    Then we shall drink to memory ownership 🍻
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    @lxmcf Never used (or even heard) of Vala before. Looks cool.
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    @3rdWorldPoison it's super fun to work with. Think of a meld of C# with some of the power you get with C.

    Plus it compiles to native C so even better
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    Vala is pretty cool, I am also wondering what your thoughts could be in something like Nim for C interoperability. Nim also manages memory for you, it is still a pretty interesting and viable option.
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    @AleCx04 I might look into it but one of the big draws to C for me was managing memory myself

    Plus I love reinventing the wheel but making a square
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